Commemorative ceremony of the late Professor Salah Youcef Benguerba

The Archaeology Institute of Algiers 2 University “Abou El Kacem Saâdallah” organized on January 25th, 2021 at the Grand-auditorium a commemorative ceremony on the memory of late Professor Salah Youcef Benguerba, in presence of his friends, students and his family.

The ceremony started by a minute’s silence on the memory of the deceased, and then followed the University Rector’s address and the one of Archaeology Institute’s Head.   

The deceased’s colleagues and students praised him afterwards and testified to his good qualities which he has shown throughout his career.  

It should be noted that the late Professor Salah Youcef Benguerba is the first who specialized in numismatics in Algeria, he worked as a teacher at the Institute of Archaeology and left a great numbers of books and scientific works, including: military organizations at the time of the Prophet (pbuh),  the Maghreb-Andalousian minaret in the Middle Age, History of the cities Msila and Kalaa Beni Hammad in the Islamic period, and many other books and researches which will remain eternal.