Presentation of the university

The University of Algiers is a solid fortress and a deep-seated castle of science and knowledge whose mission is to train the officials, teachers, executives and researchers in all development fields.

The university was created in 1909 according to the law of December 30, after several steps that started by the law of December 20th, 1879 which took over the creation of four specialized schools, namely: 

The School of Medicine & Pharmacy, the School of Sciences, the School of Art & Humanities and the School of law.

At the colonial time, the university knew many structural and qualitative improvements that were serving the colonialism objectives.

After the independence, the university mission was to train the executives needed by the country, knowing that many organizational and structural changes have been seen throughout this phase.

Today, the university of Algiers is considered as a pole of sciences and knowledge in Algeria.

In 2009, the university was divided into three universities, namely: University of Algiers, University of Bouzaréah and University of Dely Brahim.

University of Algiers-2 Abou El-kacem Saâdallah

University of Algiers 2 Abou El kacem Saâdallah was created under the executive decree N0.09-340 of Dhu al qi`da 3rd corresponding to October 22nd, 2009. Its designation was amended from University of Bouzareah into University of Algiers-2 under the executive decree N0.184-10 of Shaaban 2nd, 1431 corresponding to July 14th, 2010. It was also renamed Prof. Abou El kacem Saâdallah on November 1st, 2014.

The university structures are spread over three sites, namely Bouzaréah, Beni Messous and Ben Aknoun.

It consists of four faculties, two institutes and a center of Language teaching:

  • Faculty of Humanities.

  • Faculty of Social Sciences.

  • Faculty of Arabic Language & Art and Oriental Languages.

  • Faculty of Foreign Languages.

  • Institute of Archeology.

  • Institute of Translation

Center of Language Intensive Teaching.

 Algiers University-2 Abou El kacem Saâdallah is managed by Prof. Said Boumaiza who is assisted by four vice- rectors:

  • Vice rector in charge of Pedagogy.

  • Vice rector in charge of Forecasting and guidance.

  • Vice rector in charge of Post Graduation & Scientific Research.

  • Vice rector in charge of External Relations and Cooperation.

Besides, the administrative affairs are managed by the General Secretary of the University, and the scientific affairs are assumed by the Scientific Council of the University.

Faculties and Institutes

  • The existing specialties in the faculty are:

    • Psychology.
    • Educational sciences.
    • Speech therapy.
    • Sociology.

    The graduates of faculties' departments are employed after their graduation in:

    The sectors of industry, health and education for those graduated in psychology, educational sciences and speech therapy. Sociology graduates are employed in administration, management, training and cultural animation, communication, press and social services.

  • The faculty of Humanities guaranties the training of students in:

    • Librarianship & Documentation.
    • History.
    • Philosophy.

     The graduates the faculty departments are employed after their graduation in:

    •  Education and Training.
    • Research Centers and Youth Houses.

     The graduates of Librarianship & Documentation can work in:

    • Different kinds of libraries.
    • Archive Centers.
    • Documentation centers.

  • This faculty was created after the division of Art and Languages Faculty following the restructuring of the University of Algiers 2 under the executive decree N0.160-15 dated of June 22nd, 2015.

    It’s consists of these departments:

    • Department of Arabic Language and Arts
    • Department of Tongue Sciences.
    • Department of Turkish and Russian Languages.
    • Department of Arts.

    The whole departments of the faculty guarantee to the graduates to work in the sectors of Education, Higher Education, and Culture & Media. They can also practice translation in public and economic institutions and administrations.

  • This last has sprung from Art & Languages faculty under the executive decree N0.160-15 of June 22nd, 2015 which reorganized University of Algiers 2. It’s considered as the largest of the university faculties based on the number of students who are registered in the specialties offered by the faculty and in the formation phases (graduation and post graduation). The faculty consists of three departments:

    • English Department.
    • French Department.
    • Spanish, German & Italian Department.

    The graduates of the faculty are employed in education sector, communication and press fields, different economic institutions, public administrations and translation.

  • The institute was created under the presidential decree N0.149-10 of Shaaban 11th, 1433 corresponding to July 1st, 2012. It was related to the faculty of Arts and Languages of Algiers University and to the same faculty of University of Algiers 2. It became an institute under the decree above mentioned.

    The institute ensures a qualitative training in the various fields of translation and interpreting. It inculcates the students knowledge and new theoretical and practical methods that make them skillful to master the translating operation. 

    The graduates of the later can work in all phases of educational institutions, in ministries,in national and foreign companies, embassies and official translation offices.

  • The institute provides to students a specific training in the different fields of archeology. The training takes account oftheoretical and practical sides to enable them to know and comprehend the means of archeological scientific research and also the scientific and methodical means in the archeological digs.

    We find different specialties in the institute:

    • Prehistoric vestiges.
    • Old vestiges.
    • Islamic vestiges.
    • Renovation and up-keeping the cultural heritage.

    The graduates can be employed in the national museumsand the centers in charge of preserving and up-keeping the vestiges.

The Scientific Council of the University

The Scientific Council of the University consists of:
The Rector as a president, the Vice-rectors, the Deans of the faculties, the Presidents of the faculties’ scientific councils, one representative of the professors of each faculty elected between the professors whose academic degree is higher and the responsible of the Central Library.
The Scientific Council of the university can consult anyone-according to his competence- who may be useful.
The Scientific Council of the University issues recommendations particularly concerning:   

  • Projects concerning the creation, modification and dissolution of faculties, departments and research unit. 
  • Programs of exchanges and scientific cooperation between universities.
  • Scientific outcome of education and research in the university.
  • University partnerships programs with the different social and economic sectors.
  • Programs of scientific and technical events organized by the university.

Publications of the university

University of Algiers 2 Abou El kacem Saâdallah publishes a number of scientific magazines in a regular way at the faculties, departments and laboratories, namely:

  • The scientific magazine of the university in Arabic: reflections and prospectives.
  • The scientific magazine of the university in French: reflections and prospectives.
  • Studies in Humanities and social sciences.
  • Psychology magazine.
  • Sociology leaflets.
  • Philosophic studies.
  • Historical studies.
  • Arts and languages.
  • Vestiges

Library of the University

The library of University of Algiers 2 Abou El kacem Saâdallah -Allah provides its bibliophiles (students and teacher) with different needed services, documents and information, particularly after the appliance of LMD system which involved the student to work by themselves in research and training.

The library has an important number of various documents which is estimated at 65247 titles of 126447 copies (books, magazines, reference sources, theses). It covers the whole specialties in the fields of humanities, social sciences, arts and foreign languages. It achieved 28036 titles and 83654 copies in Arabic at the end of 2015 and 38232 titles and 45099 copies in foreign languages.


University of Algiers 2 Abou El kacem Saâdallah has a big auditorium furnished with some 630 seats and two small rooms both equipped with 45 seats adding to an internet space and a honorary hall to receive the guests.  It receives most of scientific and cultural manifestations of the university such as the colloquies, seminars, conferences and study days.

Laboratories of researches

University of Algiers 2 Abou El kacem Saâdallah is very active in the scientific research manifested by the by the existence of many research laboratories fitted for different specialties. The university has thirty four laboratories that operate in various specialties such us social sciences, humanities, arts, languages, translation, archeology and physical and non physical heritage. The teams of researching laboratories receive the best skilled persons specialized in their scientific field.Their program includes the concluding of internal, national and international seminars and colloquies. Besides, periodical magazines and many other publications that consist of the carried out researches and studies are published.