Calendar of Scientific and Cultural Events of the 2018-2019 Academic Year

Event Organizer
Title of the Event
Opening of the 2018-2019 Academic Year
17th September 2018
Faculty of Human Sciences
Information day on the Faculty of Human Sciences
14th October 2018
Rectorate / Italian Cultural Center
18th Italian Language Week in the World
17th October 2018
Faculty of Human Sciences
Awareness Day on Water-borne and Food-borne Diseases
21st October 2018
Laboratory of Religion and Society
International Colloquy on Religious Reform and Contemporary Problems
25th October 2018
Department of Foreign Languages
Conference of a german author - Alice Schwartz
30th October 2018
Commemoration of the outbreak of November 1st, 1954 revolution
31st October 2018
Laboratory of Psychometrics and Counseling
6th National Colloquy on Health Awareness for its Development in the Algerian Society, and on Preventive Intervention and Counselling, Reality and Perspectives.
7th-8th November 2018
Laboratory of Analytical Anthropology and Psychopathology
Study day on the personality and the psychological contexts of the elderly in the light of the projective techniques
10th November 2018
German Embassy
Presentation of parliamentary scholarships’ programs by a german delegation
12th November 2018
Institute of Cervantes /
University of Algiers 2
International Conference of Translation and Literature.
14th November 2018
Charity Organization : The friends of the Cancer Patients
Awareness day of Cancer
15th November 2018
Department of Sociology and Demography
8th National Colloquy entitled  « Health and Society »
28th and 29th November 2018
The neuropsycholinguistics in Speech Therapy.
1st -2nd December 2018
Laboratory of Health Psychology
National Colloquy on Preventive, Educational and Therapeutic Interventions in Health Psychology.
4th-5th December 2018
Faculty of Human Sciences
Theatrical play of Civil Protection entitled “132 years”
9th December 2018
Laboratory of Psychometrics and Counseling
7th National Conference on Quality Assurance Development of Higher Education in Algeria.
10th December 2018
Department of Psychology
International Colloquy on Positive Psychology toward a Targeted Look
11 th - 12th December 2018
Competition of “STUDENTS GOT TALENT”
13rd December 2018
Sub-direction of Scientific and Cultural Activities
A film about Colonel Lotfi
16 th December 2018
Department of Linguistics
National Colloquy on Terminology and Specialized Languages
13rd - 14 th January 2018
Celebration of Amazigh new year “Yanayer”
15th January 2019
Faculty of Foreign Languages
International Colloquy on Balfour Declaration “What centenary”
20th – 21st February 2019
Department of psychology
International Colloquy on Crime and Criminal Behavior in the Algerian Society in the light of Studies and Criminal Profiling
03rd -04th March 2019
Laboratory of Health Psychology
International Colloquy on Psycho-Oncology: Modern Treatment of Cancerous Diseases and the Taking Charge   
05th – 06th March 2019
Celebration of Women's Day
07th  March 2019
International Colloquy on University Teaching: Challenges and Issues for the Training in French Language in the Digital times
11th – 12th March 2019
Department of Speech Therapy
1st National Colloquy on Care Strategies for Disabled Persons in a Renewable Environment
14th March 2019
Celebration of “The day of Knowledge”
16th April 2019
Department of Foreign Languages
National Colloquy on Multilingualism, Multiculturalism and Modernization
22nd – 23rd April 2019
Laboratory of Psychometrics and Counseling
International Colloquy on Psychological Health and Therapeutic Applications
28th – 29th April 2019
Laboratory of Manuscripts
6th International Colloquy: Five Centuries of Algiers City the Capital of Algeria 1519 – 2019
02nd – 03rd May 2019
Celebration of The Student’s Day
19th May 2019
Laboratory of Manuscripts
4th National Colloquy on Writing and Arabic Calligraphy
09th – 10th June 2019
Institute of Archeology
International Colloquy on Crafts and Industry through the Ages
11th – 12th June 2019
End of the Academic Year Ceremony
June 2019