National Cooperation

Entrepreneurship House

The promotion of employment and combating unemployment are the strategic aims of the national policy for employment. As a matter of fact, the importance of the qualified human resources in the success of the employment plan - which is approved by the government – requires the consolidation of the relation between the university and the economic environment, supporting the consultation and the partnership between the sector of Labour, Employment and Social Insurance, and the sector of Higher Education and Scientific Research, as well as diffusing and developing the entrepreneurship in academia.  

For this purpose, the convention signed between University of Algiers 2 Abou El Kacem Sâadallah and the National Agency for Youth Support Algiers Centre Branch, aims to set the general framework of partnership for promoting, developing and encouraging the initiative of entrepreneurship in academia.  

The objectives expected from the creation of the House of Entrepreneurship in the university are:

  • Setting up a framework for consultation and partnership that allows the promotion and development of the entrepreneurship thought in academia.
  • Motivate the entrepreneurship spirit of researchers and students through programs of activities which aim to publish and implant entrepreneurship culture.
  • Create a bank of ideas based on graduation notes and on the works realized by the university research laboratories, which can be the subject of investment projects.
  • Valuing and enriching experiences in the entrepreneurship field.

Agreements with National Institutions

    • National Agency for Youth Employment Support (Ansej)
    • Centre of Scientific and Technical Research for the Development of Arabic Language (CRSTDLA)
    • Research Centre on Scientific and Technical Information (CERIST)
    • National Centre for Research in Archaeology (CNRA)
    • Centre of Scientific and Technical Research in Physico-Chemical Analyzes (C.R.A.P.C)
    • Algerian Academic of Arabic Language (AALA)
    • National Training and Linguistic Centre for the Teaching of Tamazight (CNPLET)
    • University of Batna 1 – Hadj Lakhdar
    • University Campus of Ahmed Ben Yahia Al-Wancharissi
    • University Campus of Amine El Akkal el Hadj Moussa Tamanrasset
    • Algerian Learning Centers (A.L.C)
    • General Directorate of National Security
    • Civil Protection
    • Algerian Customs