The General Union of Algerian Students organizes a graduation ceremony for Algiers 2 University graduates

 The General Union of Algerian Students, the Wilaya executive office of Algiers 2 University, organized on June 20th, 2022 at the grand auditorium of Bouzaréah, a graduation ceremony for the students of the university, 2021-2022 promotion.

The ceremony was opened by the Vice-rector of Pedagogy, Pr. Salah Laboudi, in which he congratulated the graduates for their perseverance and their determination to succeed.

 On his side, the President of the General Union of Algerian Students, the student Ould Zekari, congratulated the students who have successfully completed their university course, and whished them success in their scientific and professional careers.

 The ceremony consisted on a presentation of a theatrical play, entitled “the student between studies and work” and some chants excerpts, to conclude by paying tribute to a number of teachers and students.