First edition of Arabic Language Orator Competition

 Ḍād club for science and knowledge of Algiers 2 University organized on June 22nd, 2021 the first edition of Arabic Language Orator Competition, which took place in the grand auditorium of Bouzaréah.

The event started by the club President’ address through which he thanked the students for their interest and attendance, and gave the floor afterwards to the Sub-director of Cultural and Sporting Activities, Mrs. Yasmina Chérif, who thanked, in turn, the students for such initiatives, while announcing the official opening of the event.

The competition in which participated different students under the supervision of an Arabic teachers commission, aims to highlight the art of discourse in students and to encourage them to make speeches.

The event included some musical passages and some poems recited by the students, it concluded by paying tributes to the competition winners.