Tribute paid to Professor Laredj Abdelaziz

Algiers 2 University Archaeology Institute organized, on May 30th, 2021 at the grand-auditorium a of Bouzaréah, a ceremony in tribute to Professor Abdelaziz Laredj, to acknowledge the efforts that he made during all his professional career in teaching and supervising, and also his participation in the expansion of knowledge and culture for the promotion of the University.

The ceremony took place with the presence of the bereaved family, his friends, colleagues and students, who, on their part, praised his merits.

The deceased wrote various works and scientific papers, among them we mention: The Zianid mosques of Tlemcen, the town of Marinid Mansourah in Tlemcen, Zellij in Islamic building in Algeria in the Turkish Era, the participation of Algeria in Arab Muslim civilization and the Muslim urban concept and its practical applications.