The Fifth International Congress about the Natural Disasters and the Psychological Shock

Under the slogan “For the developed psychological accompaniment and care”, the Laboratory of Psychometrics and counselling of Algiers 2 University organized the fifth International Congress about the Natural Disasters and the Psychological Shock. The Congress took place on May 27th, 2021 at the grand auditorium, in which participated teachers in face to face from different universities of the country and foreigners via videoconference.    

The Congress was opened by the University Rector address, Pr Said Boumaiza, through which he congratulated the organizers for having chosen an important theme, whose consequences are multidimensional and touch many entities in the society. He hoped by the occasion the recommendations to be useful.

On his part, Pr. Naceredine Zebdi, Head of the named laboratory explained the concept of the psychological shock and its types and how to deal with and remedy. He added that this congress will be on forty five papers of foreign teachers and teachers of the country.

The congress programme included seven main lines, divided on three workshops as follow: 

“The concepts relating to the natural disasters and psychological shock according to different schools”; “The legal protection of the victim and traumatized individual and the requirements of management disasters”; “Psychological disorders and problems caused by the natural disasters”; “period of mourning stages and the psychological disorders during and after the shock in different social classes and age groups”; “Therapeutic techniques that help the individual, collective and familial psychological accompaniment”; “Presentation of the international experiences in dealing with the shock caused by the disasters”.