National conference about the public in the Muslim societies in the middle ages

 The Laboratory of Maghreb Union of Algiers 2 University, organized on Thursday, May 20th, 2021 at the Grand auditorium, a National Conference for PhD students about the Public in the Muslim Societies in the Middle East.

The conference started with the address of the Conference Head, Pr. Nabila Abdechakour, in which she spoke about the conference issue. She considers this meeting to be an occasion for the students to train for scientific research.  

For his part, Pr. El Hadj Aifa, the Vice-rector of Post Graduate Higher Education, spoke about the importance of the Conference theme so much neglected by the researchers, and valued the participation of the students, while stressing on the laboratory role in their formation.

The Conference aims to highlight the public as a contributing effectiveness in making the historical event, and the impact and the influence of the general class within different historical contexts. It aims also to study the public mentalities and beliefs, and the structure of the public society, in addition to the observation of the various relations.

The Conference included seven main lines: review of the public history references; the everyday public life; mentalities and popular beliefs; organization of the public class; public between the city and the countryside; the public and the crisis confrontation; the public, from the Subject to the Power centre.

The conference concluded with a number of benefit recommendations for the students.