Algiers 2 University commemorates the May 8th, 1945 massacres

Algiers 2 University Abou El Kacem Saâd Allah, commemorated on Monday May 9th, 2021the May 8th, 1945 massacres anniversary by a rich and varied programme which started by laying a wreath of flowers at the commemorative monument and the recitation of Al Fatiha, in addition to the raise of the flag in the Central Library hall.

The commemoration continued in the grand auditorium where the University Rector, Pr. Said Boumaiza, gave an address through which he explained that the May 8th 1945 massacres’ anniversary is painful for the Algerians, in which 45.000 Algerians were killed in Guelma, Kherrata and Setif, after having participated in the liberation of France. The French police suppressed the demonstrations when the Allies declared the victory in the Second World War. On his side, he stressed on the need of committing to commemorate this anniversary by the social institutions in order to make it well rooted in the future generations.

The programme of this event consisted on the screening of a short documentary film about May 8th 1945 massacres, followed by a lecture of Pr. Mohsen Benachour entitled “Union before the bullet”, adding to a recitation of poems and an exhibition of the Moudjahidine and Chouhada photographs.