Algiers 2 University receives a delegation from the Sahrawi Arab Republic

Under the field visits of the Sahrawi delegation to Algerian universities, Algiers 2 University received a delegation from the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic to evoke to students the evolution of Sahrawi issue. To this effect, and for the purpose of supporting the Sahrawi cause, a meeting between the University Management, the Sahrawi students and the Student Organizations took place on March 23rd, 2021 at the conference room of Building C in Bouzaréah.

The meeting started by the University Rector word, Pr. Said Boumaiza, who pointed out that the Sahrawi cause is one of the old issues of eradicating colonialism in Africa and in the world. He recalled that under the reign of Hassan II, the system of the Makhzen conspired in 1975 by organizing the walk of the shame to occupy the Western Sahara. He reminded also the fierce resistance of the Polisario Front, which inflicted big losses to the occupant, forcing him to stop the struggle in 1991 under the auspices of the United Nations. He ended his speech by adding that Algeria supports all liberation movements.

On his side, the Sahrawi delegation representative, Sir Moulay Mohamed Brahim, member of the National Secretariat of Polisario Front and General Secretariat of the Sahrawi students, thanked Algiers 2 University for the warm welcome and for the possibility to communicate the message of struggle for freedom and independence of the Sahrawi people.  

The programme of the meeting included two lectures of the professors Abdelaziz Boukena and Bouaza Boudhriassa about the history of the Sahrawi struggle, followed by the word of the students’ representative, Ahmed Zeka, then the closing which consisted on a debate with the presents.