Memorial conference about the Ukrainian poet Taras Chevtchenko


Algiers 2 University Abou El Kacem Saâd Allah, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Embassy, organized a memorial lecture about the famous Ukrainian poet, writer and painter Taras Chevtchenko (1814-1861) to commemorate his anniversary. The event took place on March 9th, 2021 in the auditorium of building C, with the presence of the ambassadors of Croatia, Poland, Lebanon and Mauritania.

 The conference was opened by the University Rector’s address, Pr.Said Boumaiza, through which he tackled the heritage left by the poet for Ukraine and all humanity, while wishing this meeting to be an opportunity for cooperating and making scientific and cultural exchange between Algiers 2 University and Taras Chevtcheko University in Ukraine.

In his address, His Excellency the Ambassador of Ukraine at Algiers,  Sir. Maxim Sobh, presented an overview of the Ukrainian language and spoke about the place of Taras Chevtchenko in Ukraine and his role in the spread of the Ukrainian language around the world. He spoke also about his activism for the independence of his country, while knowing that he was arrested and exiled to Kazakhstan and was not allowed to write and paint.   

The Ambassador added that there is not a city whose a street or an educational institution that doesn’t bear the name of the poet, and estimated that the number of his statues is 1.384 around the world, including 1.256 in Ukraine.

In the margin of the conference, the poet’s commemorative monument was inaugurated in the patio of Building C.