Celebration of the Women’s day at Algiers 2 University

 On the occasion of the Women’s day, and with the participation of the Service Activities’ Committee, Algiers 2 University organised on March 8th, 2021 in the Grand-Auditorium, a ceremony on the honour of the University’s women teachers and officials.  

The ceremony started by the University Rector’s speech, Pr. Said Boumaiza, who congratulated women on the occasion of their international day, he recalled the Algerian woman sacrifice through history and her distinguished role in the building of Algeria in several fields.

The ceremony programme included the Archaeology Institute Head’ speech, Pr. Khadidja Nechar, who spoke about the woman place in the society, a communication of Professor Nabila Abdechakour about the Algerian woman between the past and the present, as well as the Service Activities’ Committee’s President; Pr. Yacine Mechta, who evoked the struggle of the woman in the society. A tribute has been paid, on this occasion, to the woman teachers who will take their retirement.

It is to be noted that a craft exhibition took place in the patio of the Grand auditorium to make known the different female students’ talents to encourage them to develop their projects.