Projects of the Entrepreneurship House

Concluding agreements with: 

  1. The Legal Entities set up for funding Small and Medium Businesses “SMBs” (PME): 
  • The National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development «ANADE».
  • The National Agency for Investment Development «ANDI».
  • The National Fund for Unemployment Insurance «CNAC».
  • The National Agency for Management of Microcredit «ANGEM».
  • Small and Medium Businesses Credits Insurance Fund «FGAR».
  • The Business Nurseries. 
  1. The Financial Institutions :
  • Algerian National Bank BNA
  • External Algerian Bank BEA
  • Local Development Bank
  • Agriculture and Rural Development Bank BADR
  • Popular Credit of Algeria CPA
  • AlBaraka Algeria 
  1. The Algerian Chamber of Commerce and Industry 
  1. The Social Security Funds :
  • National Employees Insurance Fund CNAS
  • National self-employed Social Security Fund  CASNOS 
  1. The Insurance Companies:
  • Insurance National Council CNA
  • Algerian company for Insurance and Reinsurance CAAR
  • National Company of Insurance SAA
  • Central Company of Reinsurance CCR
  • Algerian Company for Insurance CAAT
  • International Company for Insurance and Reinsurance CIAR
  • Algerian for Insurance 2A 
  1. The Company Heads’ Confederations and Associations:
  • Employers Algerian Confederation CAP
  • General Confederation of Algerian Entrepreneurs and Operators CGEOA
  • Business Leaders Forum FCE
  • National Confederation of Algerian Employers CNPA
  • ​Association of Algerian Women Business Leaders SEVE


  1. The General Directorate of Tax :


  1. The National Agency for Employment ANEM