Planning of the Entrepreneurship House

The Entrepreneurship House’ activity is based on a work plan which lines are:

First line : Information

  • Organizing study days which deal with the following subjects: the definition of entrepreneurship, the features of the student entrepreneur, the conditions of creating a project, the proficiency in management techniques. Certificates will be issued after these days.
  • Giving lectures by teachers, experts in the field, to benefit the students.
  • Disseminating information among students by giving out leaflets and using the different means of communication.

Second line: Training

  • Organizing specialized training sessions to develop the entrepreneurship project and other sessions to improve the personal and administrative skills of the student entrepreneur.
  • Organizing training workshops in collaboration with the partners on business creation methods, on the project economical quality and on the following study steps:

1. Generate your business idea.

2. Create your business.

3. Manage your business better.

4. Expand your business.

  • Organizing training sessions in business management field.
  • Reinforcement of the student’ administrative capacities and skills.

Third line: Support

Ensuring the initial support for students for creating their own business, by way of the different partners, particularly The National Agency for Entrepreneurship Support and Development ANADE, by supporting the project leaders’ students or the ones who have projects’ ideas.