A scientific lecture on the scientific journals classification and promotion standards

The Vice-rectorate of External Relations, Cooperation, Animation, Communication and Scientific Events of the University of Algiers 2 Abou El Kacem Saâdallah, in coordination with the Scientific Research and technologic Development General Direction, organized a scientific lecture for the benefit of the editors-in-chief on the scientific journals classification and promotion standards. The event took place on December 15th, 2021 at Building C of Bouzaréah. 

 The lecture was opened by the University Rector, Pr. Said Boumaiza, who called on the editors-in-chief to the need to give an identity to their journals and to use the size which facilitates the publication and the categorisation at the local, Arab and international levels.

 The lecture was presented by the Deputy Director of Information and Scientific and Technical Indicators of the General Direction of the Scientific Research and Technological Development, Mr. HARIK Hakim, who focused on the main lines which further the research works’ publication in the classified journals, and as their visibility. He presented as well the last statistics of the scientific journals which attains the number of 850. He explained the database types and their classifying standards, such as WEB OF SCIENCES which demands the editor to respect the following conditions: to write the bibliography in Arabic, to write clearly, to respect the periodical, to get a web site, to undertake to respect the publication deontological rules, to have an affiliated and varied editorial team, to respect the writing and bibliography standards, and finally to have a number of papers cited before.

 As for the SCOPUS database which contains the majority of the classified journals, the latter demands the journal to be scientific, periodical, written in Latin character, must include clear abstracts and translated in English, a publication ethic charter, quotes and a visibility of the editorial team on SCOPUS platform.

 Furthermore, ERIH PLUS database requires researchers from Europe countries to publish papers written in English in order to increase their visibility thereby.

 At the end of the lecture, a tribute was paid to the Deputy Director of Information and Scientific and Technical Indicators of the General Direction, Mr. HARIK Hakim, for the efforts he makes to promote and index the national scientific revues.