First edition of « Algiers 2 University, a crossroad of cultures »

 Under the cultural change and for highlighting the university role in strengthening friendship and tolerance among people, Algiers 2 University organized the first edition of « Algiers 2 University, a crossroad of cultures ».

The event which took place on July 1st, 2021 at Building C with the presence of ambassadors of Turkey, Ukraine, Mexico, Argentina, Chad, Spain, Italia and China, or their representatives was organised in collaboration with the University scientific and cultural clubs as representatives of Algeria by its cultural diversity, as well as the foreign teachers and students who represented, in their turn, their respective countries.   

The event started by the visit of the different countries and wilayas stands where the gastronomy and crafts of each culture were presented. At the auditorium, videos dealing with the variety of customs and traditions of the different wilayas and participating countries were showed.  

The University Rector, Pr. Said Boumaiza, called the students to acquire the cultural smart to get used with the modern world and to develop their working and communication skills with others.  
This meeting which was appreciated by the students is an opportunity for the cultural exchange and the discovery of different local and foreign cultures.