A study day on « Waste risks management in Algeria – Reality and approaches »

In the context of the scientific activities of Algiers 2 University, the Laboratory of Organisations Sociology and Managements organises a study day on the « Waste risks management in Algeria – Reality and approaches ». The event took place on May 15th, 2022 in the grand auditorium of the Arabic Language and Art Faculty, with the participation of a group of teachers, researchers and professionals from Algiers 2 University, The Research Centre of Applied Economy for Development, Environment Ministry and the National Waste Agency.

The study day started by the word of Pr. Elhachemi Mokrani, the Sociology Department Head, through which he stressed on the importance of the subject and its extents, giving the floor to the Social Sciences Dean, Pr. Nabil Bahri, who explained in his address that Man is both producer of his own waste and victim of the risks that this generates. He also hoped that this day would come out with recommendations which would help to make a strategy to reduce and limit the waste risks.  

The day included the contribution of the teacher Azzedine Elomria while presenting of the research project on the health organisations role in the management of hospital waste risks, and the contribution of the teacher Abdenour Mohcene on the theoretical approaches of risks sociology, according to Ulrich Beck and Anthony Giddens. Other contributions took place on how to manage waste and how to deal with its risks.