A delegation from Turkish universities discusses scientific cooperation opportunities with Algiers 2 University

Under the cooperation between the University of Algiers 2 Abou El Kacem Sâadallah and the Turkish universities and research centres, the Rector of Algiers 2 University, Pr. Said Boumaiza, received on February 14th, 2022, a group of managers of Turkish universities and research centres, such as the Social Sciences University of Ankara, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency - TİKA, and the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies in Ankara.

The meeting, which attended Algiers 2 University Vice-rectors and General Secretary, was about the cooperation opportunities between Algiers 2 University and the different Turkish universities, especially in the field of history, social sciences, arts and languages, and particularly in Turkish language teaching, which a department affiliated to the Arabic language faculty receives undergraduate and master students, whom the best fellow the post-graduate studies at the Turkish universities.  

 The University Rector appreciated the cooperation remarkable level between Algiers 2 University and Turkish universities, like Sivas, Manisa, and Istanbul. He specified moreover the fields on which the cooperation programmes can focus, such as languages, translation and social sciences.

 The Turkish party highlighted its interest of cooperation with the Algerian universities, especially with Algiers 2 University, in the field of the two countries shared history, and the Arabic and Turkish languages teaching. The Turkish party examined as well the cooperation availability by drawing up experience exchange and student mobility programmes between Turkish universities and Algiers 2 University.