Forth International Conference on « Medias, Language and Society »

The English Department of Algiers 2 University, organized an International Conference on “Medias, Language and Society:  Perspectives and Reflexions on the Mediatisation of Culture”. The event took place by videoconference on January 10th and 11th, 2022 in the conference room of Building C.

The international conference was opened by the address of the Vice-rector of Pedagogy, Pr. Salah Laboudi, through which he called to review the means used in the mediatisation of culture by adopting modern communication methods based on digitisation and multimedia.     

From his side, the conference Head, Dr. Mohamed Douifi, spoke about the impact of the media on the society and how the communication means create a new culture in several fields, such as academic, politic, social and even economic, and how can the latter change the interaction methods between the community members.

The conference included several main lines that were divided into workshops, among them we mention: media language; Media and public opinion; Literature and new media; Sociology of media and communication; Views on culture and media in the twenty-first century; Media and democracy in the West; Power, Ideology and media.

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