Distance learning space

This training space is considered as an extension to the colloquies which are organized by the educational teams of the Faculty of Arabic Arts and Oriental Languages of Algiers 2 University which offers a distance initial and continuous training, by means of electronic educational resources. This training offers to the students the opportunity to learn at their own pace, from their place, by connecting to our learning platform.

This training has been approved by the educational councils of the different teaching unities; it   allows access to the different resources and services remotely, as well as the assessment of knowledge and acquired skills.

Our platform has many benefits; it improves the individual process of the learners and allows them to get information and knowledge according to the suitable training to each learner.

In addition, it allows the students who work to fellow their academic process without having to choose between one of them; this training has become flexible and suits the learner’s pace and the place in which he can be.   

The platform offers the possibility of self learning with less expenses to the participants, resulting for this regard the independence of its users, the quick learning and the possibility of using several training websites.